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Technology Innovations with 10 Federal

Developing Storage Solutions & Property Management Technology

While some companies use technology to make their operations smoother, 10Federal develops our own technology.

We create the solutions to solve the problems.

Common example problems in real estate investments:

  • How to have unmanned storage units
  • How to maximize profits
  • How to efficiently schedule repairs and maintenance for properties

The technology we develop keeps customers satisfied, and helps us to maximize profits for investors.

Our Technologies

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DaVinci LockĀ®

The Best Locking Solution for Self Storage: Our patent awarded proprietary technology makes automated access easy and reliable! Now used in approximately 1 out of every 20 facilities nationwide!

To meet the needs of immediate-demand based use in the storage area sector, 10 Federal developed the DaVinci Lock.

The Da Vinci lock generates an encrypted serial code for a standard lock so combinations can be delivered remotely and automatically. To open the lock, tenants request the code. This could be from a manager or tied to tenant management software.

For example, a delinquent tenant could use a self-service kiosk to pay their late rent and fees. After payment, the DaVinci lock code is automatically generated and delivered.

Self Storage Kiosk 10 Federal

Self-Storage Kiosk Interface

This kiosk interface allows the storage unit to be unlocked using a smartphone and Bluetooth connection. We are currently developing this software for full-scale use.

The key features include:

- Automatic tenant management
- Fully online lease applications
- Remote locking and unlocking
- On-site payments that can be processed without a manager present

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Electronic Work Order System

Work orders are traditionally paper documents that contain all information needed for a particular job. For a property, this may include the fault, the equipment needed and priority. With an electronic system, everything is in one place:

- Managers can keep a running list of jobs to complete
- Resources, such as parts or labor hours, can be allocated appropriately.

The most important benefit to this system is that it brings it all to mobile devices. The ability to have all this on a mobile device is a game-changer, and makes it even easier to manage properties remotely, at any time.

2022 ISS Top 100 Operators & Management

Named a Top 100 Owner / Operator for the 3rd year in a row by the Inside Self Storage Association.

Tech Tribune Award

2021 Best Tech Startups

The Tech Tribune Best Tech Startups Award 2021

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Looking to Invest?

When you partner with 10 Federal, you reap the benefits of these technologies.

Our software development team continues to push the boundaries of property management. This helps all of us accomplish a few key objectives:

  • To make things smoother for us in the way we operate.
  • To offer more possibilities for us and our clients.
  • To allow us to manage properties from anywhere.

If used in the right way, technology can allow for a much easier experience for tenants. We can also reach people in areas we do not have personnel. There is a high demand for properties to live in and for storage. By developing and using technology, we can help to meet this demand.