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10 Federal is Pioneering Methods of Autonomous Self Storage

Modern developments with technology have allowed 10 Federal to provide unmanned self storage units at a lower cost to our customers. Automation and self-service means there is no need for a site manager. Customers can easily access their unit at any time.

Self-storage investments are more profitable:

  • Lower service costs
  • Less on-site management
  • Faster response times to customers

Investors benefit from lower barriers to entry and faster returns on their investments.

10 Federal Storage operates over 20,000-units at 75+ facilities within 10 states ranging from the east coast to the west coast.  All of these properties are operated without any property managers being on-site.

10 Federal was named a Top 100 Owner / Operator for the 3rd year in a row by the Inside Self Storage Association.

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Construction & Development Services

10 Federal is an experienced self-storage developer. We manage self storage projects with precise attention to detail: from scheduling, budgets and sequencing, to sub-contractor collaboration and coordination with governing municipalities to obtain inspections & approvals quickly and effectively.

Our construction division recognizes the value of time and the importance of setting realistic expectations in all areas of the construction process. 10 Federal holds an unlimited GC license and many sub-trade licenses.

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Why is Automated Self-Storage Better?

There are a number of reasons why automated self-storage is better for investors and owners. Here are a few of the key reasons: 

Security is Improved with Technology

Our patent approved proprietary technology DaVinci Lock® makes automated access easy and reliable! This technology improves security by preventing combinations from becoming known. Customers have to meet the correct criteria to receive unlock codes. This also means the locks can be changed regularly, which is another security benefit. Managing the combinations from a piece of software is much easier than tracking locks and combinations manually.

Lower Operating Costs

Bringing great people and technology together produces streamlined management. Centralized off-site tasks, such as call centers, provide economies of scale savings. Automated customer service web portals and physical kiosks reduce staff costs. These improvements save money, but they also benefit the customer. Customers appreciate self-service and on-demand support.

Remote Operations are Superior

One thing the events of 2020 taught us was that with technology, a lot is possible. We do not need to be present at the facility in order to operate the system. Customers only need a smartphone to gain access to their unit. If there are any issues, they can still contact our call center. We will help with the click of a button. 

Automation is the future of Self Storage

Self-service and automated property management is the trend for self-storage units. It is more efficient, less expensive, and can be much more secure. We partner with our investors and owners to bring the latest in technology and techniques to the self-storage market. We also work with 3rd party owners as consultants or through offering specific services, such as our call centers.

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Services Available to 3rd Party Self Storage Owners:

Property Management

Call Center Coverage


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