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10 Federal Companies is a commercial real estate firm that leverages technology and vertical integration to create superior risk-adjusted returns. Founded in 2010, our drive to pioneer new methods to improve performance has enabled us to become a leader in our industries. With a unique approach to holding proprietary systems for all departments including, but not limited to, Self Storage, Construction, Multi-Family, Technology, and Finance.

10 Federal is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with properties across the United States, located predominantly within the southeast with properties in 16 states. Our technology has nationwide capabilities, a centralized back office, and in-house Call Center which allows us to own and operate properties across the country.

Our Key Achievements

Project Volume

Since we began we have generated over $500 million in project volume.

# of Units

Over 20,000 units of multi-family and self-storage are currently under our management.

Regional Leaders

Multi-family properties and unmanned self-storage units are the two key areas of our business. We are regional leaders in these fields.

Technology Development

We develop our own technology in order to improve the running of our multi-family and storage properties, such as our patent awarded proprietary technology DaVinci Lock®.

10 Federal Self Storage Building

10 Federal is Pioneering Methods of Autonomous Self Storage

Modern developments with technology have allowed 10 Federal to provide unmanned self storage units at a lower cost to our customers. Automation and self-service means there is no need for a site manager. Customers can easily access their unit at any time.

Self-storage investments are more profitable:

  • Lower service costs
  • Less on-site management
  • Faster response times to customers

Investors benefit from lower barriers to entry and faster returns on their investments.

10 Federal Storage operates over 20,000-units at 75+ facilities within 10 states ranging from the east coast to the west coast.  All of these properties are operated without any property managers being on-site.

More About 10 Federal: Founders Brad and Cliff Minsley discuss 10 Federal

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  • Multifamily Properties
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