Self Storage


10 Federal is pioneering methods to operate self-storage facilities on an unmanned, autonomous basis using technology.  These systems allow for a facility to often provide a better customer experience at a lower operating cost than a traditional operator.

10 Federal operates over 5,000-units at over 25 facilities within numerous states ranging from the east coast to the west coast.  All of these properties are operated without any property managers being on-site.

To accomplish our goals of unmanned, autonomous operations, 10 Federal has had to develop a number of proprietary technologies and methods, some of which are patent pending.  Learn more about our technology here.

10 Federal also offers services to 3rd party owners.  Those services include property management, call center coverage, construction and use of the technologies.


1515 Sunrise Avenue

10 Federal developed this multistory property in the exclusive Five Points neighborhood of Raleigh.  10 Federal was also the General Contractor.

250 Huffine Street

The 250 Huffine Street property represents 10 Federal’s prototype facility with an efficient site plan and all of our technology systems.

128 McGhee Road

The 128 McGhee property represents the method we use to create a outdoor leasing station when no office existed when acquired.

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