About Us

August 8, 2016


10 Federal was founded in 2010 with the express goal of creating a company that will be built for the long term. To accomplish this goal, we launched with the following principles:

  • Build the Brick House, Not the Straw One – The “Three Little Pigs” fable applies to our view of finance. We use long-term, fixed-rate debt at relatively low leverage to build a brick financial house capable of withstanding the next financial downturn.
  • Embrace Technology – We are living in the information age. There has never been more data and more opportunity to leverage that data to improve our performance.
  • Vertically Integrate – We are improving the control of projects and our financial margins by investing in the vertical integration of the development process.

Together, these principles have empowered our firm to excel within the various industries we have entered. We are excited for the future!